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August 21 2016

Wenn es das von Core das OK gibt dann schaetze ich wuerde das ganze ca 4 Monate dauern bis ein funktionierender Prototyp fertig ist.
Kassomat – Metalab (Seite von Ende 2012)

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“Oracle vs Google: The First Fight over Java API copyrights”, 


Louis Prang & Co.

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August 20 2016

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Was denn sonst?!?
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August 04 2016

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Korrekte Aussprache: Cyberspace - YouTube
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August 03 2016

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August 02 2016

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August 01 2016

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Wie die offenbar unter ihrem bürgerlichen Namen eingereiste Frau von den nunmehrigen Kritikern ihrer Einreise erkannt und enttarnt werden konnte, blieb vorerst offen. (APA, red, 1.8.2016)
Behörden im Iran wegen Einreise von Pornodarstellerin unter Druck - Welt-Chronik - derStandard.at › Panorama
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July 31 2016

OP got it kind of wrong. The idea is that, by espousing Satan worship, they can get people to agree to remove religious practices from public institutions. Simply establishing an "atheist club" wouldn't have the same effect. You can see this in the ten commandments case they brought in Oklahoma a few years ago. Courts ruled that if the state allowed a statue of the ten commandments in a public building they also had to allow other religions to put up similar artwork. The state decided that they didn't want a statue of a goat-headed satanic deity on their promenade, so the ten commandments had to go. Similarly, by offering their chaplains to perform satanic prayers before city council meetings, they've been able to get various cities to stop endorsing christian prayer.
An After School Satan Club could be coming to your kid’s elementary school — yes, even in Utah : nottheonion
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Palästinalied (Palestine Song) is a song written by Walther von der Vogelweide, the most celebrated German mediaeval lyric poet. Its subject matter is Palestine and the crusades. It is Walther's only song where not only the text but also the original tune was handed down to modern times. The full song consists of 13 strophes in Middle High German. Modern performers usually use only a few of these strophes.
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